CCFM Mission and Vision Statements

Cloverdale Certified Farmer’s Market
Mission and Vision Statements


Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Cloverdale Certified Farmers Market is to create an enjoyable and equitable atmosphere that serves the market and contributes to a prosperous downtown, while promoting a sense of community within the town of Cloverdale. By weaving together local growers, food vendors and artisans, as well as educational and social activities, the CCFM strives to provide a marketplace where locals can gather and visitors can discover what Cloverdale has to offer. Within that structure, small businesses will have the opportunity to network and grow, thus making the market a vital community institution.

Our Vision:

The Vision of the Cloverdale Certified Farmers Market is to:

  1. Provide a sense of Community: By offering a family oriented experience; by encouraging local resident involvement; by providing a fun and safe experience; by bringing local Cloverdale residents together in a friendly social environment; by working together with Friday Night Live and other community organizations
  2. Stimulate the local economy: By increasing foot traffic to downtown Cloverdale and highlighting all that our community has to offer; by consistently striving to provide the broadest array of locally grown agricultural products, thus supporting sustainable agriculture and farm-to-table growers from our region
  3. Enhance the Cloverdale experience: By providing the diversity and variety of a downtown marketplace offering an eclectic mix of North Bay products and services, educational experiences and social activities as defined in the CCFM policies and procedures
  4. Support local small businesses: By providing a marketplace that supports entrepreneurs ranging from local farmers, artisans & crafters, food purveyors, children’s activity vendors and service providers, as well as local non-profit organizations and business sponsors