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Most Commonly Asked Questions?


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When & Where is the market?
In 2016, the market will be held Fridays, 6 pm to 9 pm, June 3rd through September 2nd. We are located on N. Cloverdale Blvd, between 1st Street and E. 2nd Street.

How about Friday Night Live?
The Cloverdale Arts Alliance hosts FNL on the same nights, from 7 pm to 10 pm. The concerts are located in the Plaza right next to the market, and we work together to create a memorable summer-long event. Check out their website ( ) and facebook pages for more information.

How about a shout-out to Cloverdale businesses?
Visitors to the Cloverdale Certified Farmers Market and FNL can make a full day and night of it by enjoying our restaurants, browsing our shops, checking out our thriving arts and music scene, and cozying up in our many lodging options. Check out our town at We are Genuinely Cloverdale.

What is a “Certified Farmer’s Market”?
“In Season, California Grown, Directly from the Farmer.” So summarizes the California Certified Farmers Market website. “Before a farmer can sell at a “Certified” farmers market, the Sonoma County Ag Commissioner checks to make sure that the farmer grows the produce the farmer is selling.”

Certified Farmers Markets offer “Safe, nutritious, vine and tree-ripened fruit and vegetables that are California-grown and Certified by the State of California.”

Is the produce organic?
Not all of the produce is organic, but look for vendors who post their organic certification, and be sure to talk to our farmers about their growing practices. The market is a place to connect, learn, share and enjoy.

Does the market accept EBT?
Yes! We encourage EBT participants to stop by the market table to learn more. The market is a great place to look for fresher, more nutritious produce at a price that is lower than the grocery stores.

How do I get there?
Cloverdale Blvd runs the length of Cloverdale, so no matter what exit you take, you’ll find us. The most central off-ramp is Citrus Fair Blvd. Go west one block. From there, turn right onto Cloverdale Blvd. The market begins about two blocks up.  Free lot and street parking can be found, generally, within a block of the market.

What about wheelchair/handicapped accessibility?
Cloverdale’s street infrastructure has had an extensive facelift over the past 15 years, making us one of the most access-friendly downtowns in the county … in our humble opinion.

How do vendors apply?
Please click the “Become a Vendor” tab. You’ll find pdf’s with our Application Form and our Rules/Regulations. If you have questions, please contact us as

How do I become a Sponsor?
Click on the “Become A Sponsor” tab for information, benefits of sponsorship and how to contact us.

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