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Welcome to the Cloverdale Certified Farmer’s Market

The Cloverdale Certified Farmers Market promises a fun evening for the whole family every Friday night throughout the Summer.  The main street through town closes and the road comes alive with Market vendors offering fresh local produce, meals and treats to go, as well as local artists and natural products.  The Market operates along side the Cloverdale Plaza and “The Friday Night Live” Concert series hosted by the Cloverdale Arts Alliance. These two groups have created an event that offers something for everyone to enjoy.  A real hometown community event where neighbors and friends meet and where newcomers and visitors discover the wonderful spirit of Cloverdale.

Season Dates and Times – Each year, the market is held for an average of 14 weeks of summer, generally beginning the first Friday after Memorial Day and running through the last Friday before Labor Day.

In 2016 the market begins on June 3rd and ends on September 2nd.  Market hours are from 6 pm – 9 pm and the Friday Night Live Concerts are from 7 pm – 10 pm.  The Friday Night Live Concert Series web page provides complete information on this year’s concerts. Check it out!

NEW KIDS ZONE – The Cloverdale Market loves kids and they are always looking for new ways to keep kids busy and having fun at the Market on Friday nights.  The new Kids Zone is a block full of activities for kids including Jumpies, extreme rides for older kids, fun obstacle courses for little kids, face painting, balloon animals and crafts.  Special Theme Nights the first week of every month bring extra Jumpies and fun activities.

July 1 – Beach Party Theme Night – Giant Shark Jumpie, Surfing Simulator, Ocean Obstacle Course for Toddlers.

August 5 – On the Farm Theme Night – Giant Barn Jumpie, kids ride “Angus the Bull”, Farm Obstacle Course for kids and more!

September 2 – Waterworld Theme Night – Giant Waterslide Jumpies, Extreme Air Bungie Ride, Waterslide for Toddlers and more!

Our farmers market is a Certified Farmers Market – meaning all produce and agricultural products sold in the Farmers Section are certified to be grown in California by the Farmer who sells them.  When you walk along the Certified Farmers you will find fresh nectarines and peaches from Nuefeld Farms, an assortment of local fresh veggies from Ortiz Brothers Farms at family friendly prices, Hamlow Farms is a diversified farm and their crops change with the seasons so that everything is fresh and local Geyserville farmer, Wrong Way Farm and his artichokes, potatoes, corn and melons. 

Fresh Meals to Go – Many from local restaurants and eateries, others from surrounding communities. Together they offer quality prepared ethnic and Americana dishes – Nellie’s Oysters, Shoubu Sushi Burrito, Chalkhill Cookery plant-based cuisine, Karma Café Paninis, Mommy’s Yammys Mediterranean Food, BurtoNZ New Zealand meat pies, Patti and Friends BBQ, Piacere Shrimp with Rice, Goodman’s Deli Fries anyway you want them, Willie Bird’s Turkey legs and steaks, Michocan Corn on the Cob, Falafel Fix and Mary’s Pizza Shack Meatball Sliders.  So bring your appetites and delight in the variety.

Sweet Treats to Eat – Don’t worry there’s dessert and treats that help you cool off too.  On the North end of the Market you will find Hawaiian Ice, California Funnel Cakes, Just Popped! Kettle Korn and Grizzly Bear Toffee.  Near the Plaza there is Frozen Art Ice Creams, Pink Elephant Lemonades and Snowcones and Cavaliere’s Bakery cake slices, cookies and brownies.

Cloverdale is the place for local Art – The Cloverdale Market also offers a handpicked group of local artisans and crafters for those who love to shop and hand-made natural healing products for those who want to spoil and pamper themselves.  Spread throughout the Market you will find – Peggy from Jungle Maiden Jewelry, All About Tranquility healing oils, Noble Designs silver jewelry, Eden Glow skincare, Aisha’s Baskets and Shea Butter, I’m Sew Sure quilts, jewelry from Loni Brooks and Chelsea from Totally Tortilla, doll clothes Created by Vanae, Tye Dye clothing from Tessa Willoughby, custom designed shirts and dresses from Island Goddess, Yard art from Drought Flowers, custom jewelry from Zarana Designs and Photography from Ian at Cyan-C.

Each week we also include a group of non-profit organizations and community information booths to keep you involved in our fun-filled City of Cloverdale.  Please visit our sponsor booths, as well, to thank them for their support and learn more about their business or service.

Our Cloverdale Certified Farmer’s Market is governed by a Board of Directors who volunteer many hours every year to improve and maintain the way the market is run. Meet our 2016 Board of Directors by clicking this link (hot link).

Public Parking:

There are several public parking lots near the market. One is located on Commercial St. between First St. and Second St. Another is located on Main Street between First Street and Lake Street. There is public parking on side streets around the market footprint, easy walking distance to the music and the market.

Pets within the Market:

We ask that you not bring your pets to Market with you or keep them in the Plaza Area while you are enjoying the music.  County Health Department ordinances require that pets not be allowed within 20 feet of the food and produce areas.  It is also very hot during the summer months in Cloverdale and it can be risky for their health. The crowds can be noisy and frighten or step on them.  They will thank you and so will we for leaving them at home during the Market.

For more information see our Market Q&A tab.

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To find out more about Cloverdale, CA, Visit the Chamber of Commerce or the City of Cloverdale websites.